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Eyelash Extensions Tweezers  Volume Lashes Boot Tweezer | Lashesmall

These are the perfect lash tweezers for creating fans. The thicker, stronger grip allows you to make precise fans without worrying about them falling apart. The stainless steel construction means they can be disinfected and sterilized without damaging the grip. These are the favourite pair of top lash artists around the world and are essential for any professional or aspiring lash artist.


  • Surgical Steel
  • Easily grab and isolate individual lashes Lightweight
  • Perfect for beginner lash artists

Recommend Fuction:

  • using a huge range of volume techniques, like ‘lonely fan’, ‘pinching’ or ‘rolling’
  • creating russian volume fans from 2D to 8D
  • speedy volume using
  • picking premade volume fans