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      Premade Lash Fans - Lashesmall

      Lashesmall is the premier manufacturer of premade fans lashes. We offer a full range of pre made fans for all your lash needs. Our products are durable, reusable and easy to use! 

      What's the premade lash Fans ?

      Premade fans lashes do not require any special training or expertise, so it’s great for lash technicians who are beginners and also for professionals who would like to save time. Lashesmall premade fans lash extensions range from 3D to 8D, C, C+, D, D+ Curls of pre made fans, 7-18mm are in stock. 

      Why Lashesmall Pre made Fans ?

      Lashesmall pre made lash extension fans are bonded together by heat so you don’t have to worry about finding clots of glue beneath the lash line like you’ll see in other premade volume fans from other suppliers.

      They are extremely lightweight and just like our other eyelash extensions, they are made from high-quality PBT so that they will last longer and have a very strong bond.

      You can achieve many voluminous and beautiful looks like the Russian volume lashes technique with our premade fans lashes. So if you’re looking to save time and energy but still give your clients that glamorous, voluminous look then our premade volume fans are for you! For super high-quality pre made fans eyelash extensions at unbeatable prices, we have you covered! Shop our extensive collection now!