Easy Fan Colored Lashes 16Lines Mixed Tray Blue Color Lash Extensions


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Easy Fan Colored Lashes 16Lines Mixed Tray Blue Color Lash Extensions|Lashesmall

Types of lash extensions: colored lash extensions, colored easy fan lashes
Color: blue color easy fan lashes
Quantity: 1pcs
Length:  8-15 mixed tray eyelash extensions
Types of curls lash extensions: C & D 

What's the lashesmall colored easy fan lashes ?

Introducing Lashesmall- the new, unique, and revolutionary colored easy fan lash extension for a truly eye-catching look! Get ready to create volume lashes , make 3D to 15D volume lashes looks that tell stories and spark imagination with this great innovation. They are slef-fanning, very smart fans .Whether it’s for an everyday look or a statement set, Lashesmall has you covered.

Our colored lashes with mixed length - ensuring you have plenty of variety while keeping your supplies stocked up. You don’t have to worry about endless trips to the beauty store either; choose from several combinations of our 8mm - 15mm length options right here with Lashesmall! Transform the colored eyelash extensions of your clients into works of art without the extra effort.

Let yourself be creative and explore bold color sets like blue volume lashes or pink spikes lashes for an unforgettable wet look. Completely customize any fantasy sets you have in mind-whether it’s woodland fairies or heaven and hell-with our huge range of colors available on demand. Serve up striking looks that lingers in people’s minds long after they walk out of your salon with Lashesmall!