Cold Fusion Hair Extension machine Digital Ultrasonic 998


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Elevate your extension technique with Lashesmall's Ultrasonic Hair Extension Machine 998. Achieve pro-level fusion as this tool seamlessly bonds keratin extensions to hair strands. Experience stunning results with gentle heat that safeguards natural hair. Versatile and powerful, it's perfect for fusion hair extensions. Upgrade your approach with Lashesmall.


Introducing the Professional Salon Quality Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Keratin Hair Extensions Machine Connector. Experience safety, speed, and longevity, suitable for all types of human hair extensions systems (So. Cap Flat Keratin, U / I /V Tipped).

With this cutting-edge connector, keratin melts in an instant without heat! Operating at 25W 100~240V 50/60HZ, it's powered by the latest ultrasonic technology for cold fusion hair extensions. Soften keratin adhesive using Ultrasonic Waves, eliminating the need for heat.

This method is not only incredibly safe but also remarkably fast, preserving the integrity of both the client's hair and the technician applying the extensions. Say goodbye to burns and damage.