Full Lace Stretch Wig Brown Human Hair Wigs HP-117P

HP117P#4/6/8/33-Full Lace-24inch-S

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Experience the perfect brown hues in this 24-inch Full lace stretch wig. Crafted with precision, the natural movement and versatile parting make it an ideal choice for brown hair wig. Our 100% highest quality human hair ensures authenticity, while its heat-friendly nature lets you style it to perfection. Elevate your elegance with Lashesmall.

  • Natural movement and customizable parting.
  • The most breathable base , perfect for hot weather
  • Highest quality human hair for an authentic feel.

  • Heat-stylable for personalized looks.

Embrace flawless beauty Full lace stretch wigs with Lashesmall's Full lace stretch wig.