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Eyelash Extensions Tweezers Super Upgrade Volume L Tweezer | Lashesmall 

Eyelash Extensions Tweezers Upgrade Volume L Tweezer | Lashesmall is eyelash tweezers are the must have tool for any lash artist! These tweezers have an extremely precise thin tip which makes them great for isolation or picking single eyelash extensions. The lightweight metal is easy to handle and helps to avoid muscle pain and hand strain. Made of stainless steel, these tweezers can be disinfected using a tool disinfectant or sterilized in autoclave without damaging the grip.


  • Surgical Steel
  • Easily grab and isolate individual lashes Lightweight
  • Perfect for beginner lash artists

Recommend Fuction:

  • Making Thin or Volume Fans

  • Different russian volume fanning techniques

  • Beginner lash artists who struggle with creating volume fans (thin tip helps with a fan creation)

  • Speedy volume usingeasy fanning lashes

  • picking premade fans