Adhesive Remover Transparent 15ml Gel Remover For Eyelash Extensions


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Adhesive Remover Transparent 15ml Gel Remover For Eyelash Extensions | Lashesmall

Lashesmall Gel Remover is the perfect product for advanced eyelash technicians who are looking to remove eyelash extensions quickly and easily. This product has a slightly runnier texture compared to other Cream Eyelash Extensions Removers, making it ideal for removing single volume fans and classic extensions that you may struggle to remove with tweezers during infills. It can also be applied with precise accuracy using a small microfibre brush. Thanks to its lightweight formula, Lashesmall Gel Remover is comfortable and easy to use, while providing safe and effective results. So if you're looking for the perfect product to help you quickly and easily remove those difficult-to-maneuver lashes, then Lashesmall Gel Remover should be your go-to!

IMPORTANT! Gel Remover is a product for professional use only. It must always be used by a qualified lash technician to make sure it is applied carefully so it does not come into contact with the skin or eyes. Incorrect use of this product may cause eye or skin irritation.

100% Brand New.

1 Gel Glue Remover

15ml Squeeze Bottle.

Highest Level Performance Adhesive-Remover Available!!!

How To Use:

simply squeeze a small amount of gel remover onto a micro brush and apply it to the glue zone of the extension or fan you are trying to remove. Leave it on for 5 minutes and wipe off with a dry micro brush before reapplying any new lashes or extensions.

For full removal of an entire set of extensions, pay careful attention when applying the Gel Remover as its runny consistency can easily leak inside the eye if applied too close to the skin. The consistency will become thinner with exposure to warmth, so keep that in mind when using Lashesmall Gel Remover for best results.