0.03 Mega Volume Lash Extensions - Professional Volume Eyelash Extensions | Lashesmall


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0.03 Mega Volume Lash Extensions - Professional Volume Eyelash Extensions | Lashesmall

Types of lash extensions: volume lashes, russian volume lashes, mega volume lashes
Color: black
Quantity: 1pcs
Length: 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15mm or 8-15 mixed tray eyelash extensions
Types of curls lash extensions: C D CC DD

0.03 Mega Volume eyelash extensions are a newer and more advanced type of volume eyelashlash extensions. These eyelashes use very light and thin extensions to create a fuller look than what is available in the market today. , Use for creating up to 6D- 20D premade lash fans ,hybrid eyelash extensions,cat eyelash extensions and wispy eyelash extensions  application.

What is mega volume eyelash extensions and why lashesmall mega volume lashes?

The best eyelash extensions use premium quality material makes all of our eyelash extensoins heat and water resistant for a longer lasting curl. Made using high temperatures to create the lash extensions curl so all types eyelash extensions won't get tampered with when applying, these eyelash extensoins styles will make your clients happy! Best selling classic eyelash extensoins and volume eyelash extensions is our most popular style of lash from lashesmall- Get yours today . Comfortable , Stable and Luxury!

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