Lashesmall's Guide to Premade Fans Lashes - All You Need to Know About Getting the Perfect Volume Look without the Stress!

Are you a lash artist or beauty salon looking to increase efficiency while still providing high-quality results? Premade volume fans are the perfect solution. They enable you to save valuable time and resources on the application process while creating beautiful, voluminous sets of eyelashes that your clients will love. In this post, we'll take an in-depth look at what premade volume fans are, why they're beneficial for your business, and how to select the right ones depending on desired results. Whether you're just starting out or have been lashing for years, this guide has all the information you need about using pre made fan eyelash extensions!

Premade fans lashes are volume lashes that have already been made by eyelash extension suppliers like us and sent straight to lash technicians ready for use. It saves lash technicians a lot of time and the stress it usually takes to put volume lashes together. Premade fans’ lashes give you the extra full and glamorous look of volume fans but save you the stress of making them.

Just like Hybrid and Classic lashes premade fans' eyelash extensions attach to the natural lashes easily. We work to create perfectly balanced symmetrical fans that you can pick up easily and apply around your client’s natural lash.

Premade fans lashes do not require any special training or expertise, so it’s great for lash technicians who are beginners and also for professionals who would like to save time. Our Premade fans lashes range from 2D to 20D, we can make from 2 hairs up to more than 20 hairs (2D to 20D) this sets us apart from the rest because we do not have limitations.

Our premade volume fans are bonded together by heat so you don’t have to worry about finding clots of glue beneath the lash line like you’ll see in other fans from other suppliers.

They are extremely lightweight and just like our other eyelash extensions, they are made from high-quality PBT so that they will last longer and have a very strong bond.

You can achieve many voluminous and beautiful looks like the Russian technique with our premade fans lashes. So if you’re looking to save time and energy but still give your clients that glamorous, voluminous look then our premade volume fans are for you! For super high-quality premade volume fans at unbeatable prices, we have you covered! Shop our extensive collection now!

Lashesmall have taken Russian volume lashes to a whole new level. With an emphasis on quality, simplicity and speed, we are proud to promote these.

Mastering the Russian volume technique is time consuming, difficult, and can be very frustrating. Even the most talented and experienced lash artists find it very difficult because it requires absolute precision. It can take MONTHS to master the volume eyelash technique.

You don’t need any special volume lash training. Our pre-fanned Lashes are suitable for anyone trained in regular 1:1 eyelash extension as it’s the same 1:1 technique, but with 3:1 & 4:1 volume eyelash results!

 We know how time consuming it is being a lash technician. Our lashesmall trays are hand-crafted in 3D and 4D volume and are perfectly fanned for you.

Having pre-fanned lashes can halve production time and really help you build up your client base!