What is classic eyelash extensions & Why Lashesmall classic eyelash extensions?

Are you looking to create a beautiful set of long, thick lashes that make heads turn? Look no further than classic eyelash extensions! This popular beauty treatment is the perfect way to achieve natural-looking length and volume while still maintaining your own unique lash look. Eyelash extensions add an alluring boost to any makeup routine, giving a natural yet glamorous touch. Whether your clients opt for a full set or just go for a single row of individual half lashing, they’ll be sure to love the eye-catching results of classiclashes. Read on as we explore all the incredible benefits this beauty service offers!

Classic Lashes |Lashesmall

Apply lash extensions is one of the most perfect ways to make your eyes pop. classic lash extensions are not like your regular false eyelashes, when you wear them, you won't have to bother about it coming off. If you're looking to highlight the natural fullness of your lash then classic lashes should be your go-to. They will give you the complete volume, length, and fullness that you wish for.

How should choose the eyelash extensoins for your customers and boost your business ?

How to choose good quality classic eyelash extensions
We believe that only good raw materials can produce products that are of undisputed quality so we insist on using the world’s best raw materials in making our lash extensions; either PBT or cashmere specifically shipped from China, Germany, Japan, or South Korea.

All the raw materials we use must go through a quality test before they are used. We always check for:

  • Accuracy; for accuracy we watch for 3 important aspects and that’s length, thickness, and curvature. This is why we can guarantee that our classic lashes will maintain the same height in one row, correct thickness, and stable curls for at least 2 years!
  • Soft and Tough Tips; we always carefully lookout for slight damages, bends, and broken hair.
  • High-Density Hair; we use this so that you will be sure you’re getting more benefits and more value for your money.
  • Comfortable and Convenient for technicians to operate; all of our products, whether the classic eyelashes or flat eyelashes or the Easy fan lashes have a high level of adhesion to glue, so it saves you time and energy when grafting. Client’s will even forget that they had their eyelashes grafted.

presently we can provide 1000 different options, from thickness to curl and length to meet the requirements of your customers and more. All of the products of our lash extensions series(that's including classic lashes, volume lashes, fanning lashes, Y lashes, W lash extensions, premade fans , hybrid lashes and ect.) are suit beginners and professionals.

Lashesmall Classic Lashes Features

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