Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Perfect Volume Fans for Your Lash Artistry


It can be intimidating to start your journey into professional lash application, however it doesn’t have to be. With time and patience you will soon be a full-fledged lash pro. When lashing with tweezers it is important to find the sweet spot of your tweezers in order to get the desired size and shape of the fan you are trying top create. To master this technique, practice makes perfect! Keep tweezing until you feel that long-lasting feeling of accomplishment!

It takes practice and experimentation to find the fanning method that works for you, but with a little patience and dedication you will achieve perfection! Ultimately, finding the perfect fanning technique is less about your skill or ability, and more about finding something that suits you. Whether you're focusing on cleanness and organization, flair and poise, or all of the above, with the right fanning method you can create amazingly beautiful works of art.


All in all, symmetry is a crucial factor to consider when lashing. It gives the look professionalism and fluidity, creating a stunning lash transformation. Practicing every lash artist must pay attention to the space between each lash as it is vital to maintain the symmetrical appearance of the fans. You must also keep an eye out for closed or wonky fans and make sure that your fan openings are equal in size! With practice and dedication, you can create art through the eyelashes like no other. Now let’s get to work creating some incredible symmetrical looks!


There are 3 methods of make perfect for your reference


  1. The lonely fan method is a great technique for anyone looking to give their lashes a glamorous boost. It's an especially attractive option for those just starting out in eyelash extensions, since it requires minimal practice and the results are immediate. As long as you take your time and follow the steps carefully, you can get stunning lash extensions that will last for weeks at a fraction of the cost of salon services. Remember, there's no rush when using this method. Take your time so you can be sure you're getting that beautiful fanning every time! Thanks to the lonely fan method, getting results like professionals without breaking the bank is now achievable


  1. Pinched method

It’s been said that “practice makes perfect” and the pinching method is no different. With practice and patience your lash fans will be full and fluffy, with immaculately base-pinched bases! There are also a few other techniques such as the tabletop method that can help you master the art of fanning lashes for those looking for more information on creating beautiful lash fans.  While there may be a bit of a learning curve, it is possible to become proficient in the pinching method through practice and taking your time to ensure that your fans are flawless before applying them


  1. Rolling methodis an incredibly useful method of applying eyelash extensions that gives you the ability to create extremely natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results. With this method, you can also make sure that your applications look good for longer as you don’t have to worry about your eyelashes or extensions popping out or becoming misaligned during wear. You should also be aware of safety precautions when attempting to apply false eyelashes at home, such as making sure your tweezers are sanitized and that you’re not pulling too hard on lashes. With a little bit of practice, though, anyone can be successful make perfect volume lash fans.