Get the 'Volume' Look with Russian Volume Lashes - A Step-by-Step Guide for Lash Artists and Beauty Salons ?

Get the 'Volume' Look with Russian Volume Lashes - A Step-by-Step Guide for Lash Artists and Beauty Salons ?

What is Russian Volume Lashes ?

Get the 'Volume' Look with Russian Volume Lashes

While Classic lashes will still remain the go-to choice for many people, Russian Volume lashes are quickly becoming a must-have for those looking to increase the fullness of their natural lashes. Not only does this sensational lash technique create that dramatically dark lash line look users crave, but because of its intricate handcraft artistry it also creates a wealth of texture and depth. With quality synthetic fiber being used and plenty of choices involving 2,3,4 or 5 thin mink extensions, Russian Volume lashes offer an effect unattainable using classic techniques. Overall, these innovative techniques have made Russian Volume one of the most popular types of lash extensions in the beauty industry today- providing clients with that perfect balance between allure and elegance.

The Ultimate Guide to Knowing Which Clients Are Best Suited for Russian Volume Lashes.

Russian Volume lashes have the potential to give everyone open lids that give a wide-eyed look and transform anyone’s facial features. Not only are they amazing for those who have thin lashes, but also those who already have full eye lashes and are looking to further enhance them. Human instinct has its own limits in understanding beauty, so let us all unleash the true expression of beauty with Russian Volume lashes! Let us make way for fame and enjoyment as we write anew into beauty books the power of Russian Volume lashes! Let us celebrate the outer glow this revolutionary technique can provide to our eyes! It is indeed a fascinating wonder we must not forget about. Let us embrace it for it will help bring out those hidden enamours in each one of us.

Exploring the Differences Between Classic lashes and Russian Volume Lashes

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All in all, if you’re looking to achieve an ultra-volumised look with the thickness and length of your eyelash extensions lasting longer, then Russian Volume Lashes could be the right choice for you. Not only do they add length and drama to your eyes, but they also last much longer than classic lashes. Moreover, they look beautiful and natural, giving you a glamorous look without compromising on comfort or quality. So next time you are at the salon thinking of getting some glamourous eyelashes, consider Russian Volume Lashes for a long-lasting stunning look!

In conclusion, choosing between the classic and Russian Volume lash techniques depends on your desired results. Classic lashes will create length that appears fuller with fewer lash extensions being applied. Those who want a much greater impact can consider investing in Russian Volume technique, as thicker and darker eyelashes are achieved using an array of lighter lashes. Ultimately, you should be sure to visit an experienced lash artist for both options, ensuring that the lash extensions last for a long period of time with very few touch-up appointments in between. If you do decide to go for the Russian Volume technique, make sure to carefully research beforehand on how many extensions the technician is going to use to achieve your envisioned fuller look, as this could make all the difference!

Understanding the Different Thicknesses of Eyelash Extensions and Which Techniques to Use For Maximum Benefit

As you can see, in lashesmall there are many different lash extensions thicknesses to choose from when it comes to eyelash extensions. It is important to consider the look that you would like and the technique that will be used when selecting the right lash thickness for you. Remember, never use a thicker extension than what is recommended for volume lashes as this could cause lash breakage and discomfort. Ultimately, your overall look is dependent on the skill of your technician and the type and length of eyelash extensions they use. Finding an experienced professional that is comfortable with various techniques and treatments can help ensure you get quality lash without compromising your natural length and health of your own lashes. With their assistance, you can create an individualized look that best reflects who you are and enhances your existing beauty!

To recap, the recommended thickness of eyelash extensions varies,  depending on the technique used. For classic lashes, a good choice is between 0.10 and 0.18 mm; for volume lashes, you would want to stick with 0.05 - 0.10 mm; and for mega volume lashes, aim for something even thinner between 0.03 - 0.04 mm. It's important to remember not to ever use anything thicker than 0.15 for volume lashes as different lash glue work better on certain lash styles and thicknesses. And if in doubt about what type of lash extensions are best suited for your style desires and lash health, consulting a professional eyelash artist is always a surefire way to get the look you want without damaging your natural lashes underneath.


Russian Volume lashes may be an ideal choice for people who want long-lasting semi-permanent beautiful eyelashes. Due to the thinness of the lash extensions, they are easy to apply and can last a long time if done correctly. They have less weight on the lashes and make sure that you have plenty of volume, making them ideal for a luxurious look. Russian Volume lashes have revolutionized the beauty industry with their semi-permanence qualities that ensure you look your best often. If you're looking to get these beautiful and unique eyelashes, make sure to research beforehand so that you know what it entails as well as investigate what lash technician will achieve it professionally and safely. And don't forget to check out Lashesmall for promotions or discount information about Russian Volume lashes!