Things to Know About Mink Eyelashes

What are Mink Eyelashes? Well, the answer to that can be quite literal or slightly complicated. The simplest explanation is that they are eyelash extensions made from mink hair or fur. While this is true & real mink hair does get used in these fashion accessories at times they are, more often than not, faux mink hair.


Mink are small mammals mostly found in America & Siberia. The Siberian species are the ones that are usually sought after for the purpose of eyelashes. There are several benefits associated with using genuine mink fur, including the fact that they give the most natural and thick eyelash look to the wearer. They are lightweight and durable, making them a popular choice of eyelash extension.


A common alternative to the Siberian mink are faux mink lashes which make use of a polymer called PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate). This synthetic or faux mink variety should not be confused with the regular synthetic eyelash extensions which are usually a glossy acrylic material and sold as entire clusters rather than individual lashes or segments.


If you ask someone who has tried the genuine and faux mink or consult a specialist, they will tell you that there are some notable differences between the two. One has to consider the pros and cons of each. The decision about which one is for you could be based on cost, longevity and the overall look you’re going for, or are more comfortable with. Lashes made from natural mink hair cost more and take more time to apply than the faux mink variety. On the other hand the faux lashes can give you a thicker or curlier look since they are manmade and more controllable. There is a lot more choice with faux mink lashes when it comes to styling but there is the added danger of getting carried away and winding up looking noticeably ‘fake’. Thus, it is always recommended to go with real mink lashes.


Mink lashes don’t come cheap. They can run you from $100-300 on average depending on which kind you chose and where you get them done. These eyelash extensions are bonded to your existing eyelashes using a special glue making it a very precise and time consuming job. A lash technician (yes, that’s what they are called) will tell you that the price you pay is not just for the quality and material of the lashes but also the time and expertise required to properly apply these lashes. There are different thicknesses of lashes available and the technician needs to help you make the right choice for your eyelashes. For instance, if your eyelashes are thin and light, they wouldn’t be able to support the thicker heavier lash extensions.


Once the lashes are applied you have to keep some basic dos and don’ts in mind so as to get the most out of them. The general advice is to avoid sleeping face down as far as possible so that your lashes are not bent or broken overnight. You also need to be careful in the shower so that you don’t get a direct stream of water on them. Eyelash curlers are not to be used since they can melt the glue or damage the lashes. Oil based products for the eyes or face should not be used for the same reason. Only products that are very gentle on the skin and eyes are recommended. Following these instructions would help ensure that you get the most mileage out of the lashes.


So how long do mink eyelashes last? That would depend on how well you have managed to follow the instructions and also on which kind you have chosen to get, how skilled the person applying them was, and how well the extensions have bonded with your natural eyelashes. An important fact to keep in mind is that mink eyelashes are semi-permanent. This means that like any hair dye job, you will need to get regular fill ins to keep them looking good. Even with the best of care, you will see the mink lashes begin to fall off as the days go by. They usually last for about three to four weeks but will begin to look visibly scanty after the first two weeks or so. Fill-ins are also required because the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes causes them to fall off along with the attached extensions. Most eyelash technicians would recommend booking appointments for fill ins every two to three weeks. Although fill ins are less expensive, they are a recurring cost to keep in mind.


The procedure for getting mink eyelashes is similar to that of any other salon treatment. You book an appointment and consult with an eyelash technician. Then you pick what type of lashes you are comfortable with based on their recommendation and your budget, and finally proceed to get your lashes done. The entire process takes from one to three hours based on the service and lashes chosen.


There is understandably a lot of controversy about the use of any mink fur which is why there is the faux mink industry. Many eyelash specialists claim to use only ‘cruelty free’ mink but whether or not that claim is true is a whole other matter. Faux mink lashes have come a long way in quality and are available with a lot more options for customization than real mink eyelashes can offer. Genuine mink is limited by the fact that it is natural and one must work with what is available. However, these eyelashes look very realistic and are lighter since the hair is hollow. This also makes them feel more natural to wear on the eyelids.


Mink eyelashes are definitely trendy and glamorous but the trade-off is that they can be expensive! Hopefully this article has helped you make the decision on whether or not you’re going to get Mink Lashes!