The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume Lashes – A Professional Perspective

Are you curious about the different types of eyelash extensions? Everyone's heard about classic lashes, but what about hybrid or volume lashes - and even mega volume lashes? Today, we'll explore all three options to help you discover which one may be best suited for your individual lash needs. Whether you are a professional lash artist looking to expand your services, or an at-home beauty enthusiast who wants to know more, by the end of this post you will have a better understanding of each type and when they might be used. Let's get started!

Hybrid lashes are the perfect way to achieve a fuller, more dramatic look without compromising natural lash integrity. When done correctly, this technique can provide lasting results that meet the unique needs of each individual. It is important for clients to choose a professional aesthetician with plenty of experience in this type of procedure. Working with an experienced aesthetician can help ensure you get the beautiful results you’re looking for and protect your natural lashes from any kind of damage or irritation . Indeed, choosing hybrid lash sets offer the best of both worlds: gorgeous volume and length with simple maintenance. So if you’re looking to add some extra flare to your eyes while still maintaining healthy and safe lash growth, hybrid sets are definitely worth considering!

Volume sets are placing fans, whether handmade or premade on each individual lash. Depending on the diameter of the lash (0.03, 0.05, 0.07) 

will determine how many hairs will be in each fan. The higher, the diameter, the lower the amount of hairs you need to use. Volume lashes sets are the way to go if you want fuller, longer looking lashes. Not only will volume sets enhance the length and fullness of your lashes, but it can also reduce the amount of time associated with making the fan into consideration given the various lengths and diameters available. Therefore, opting for a volume set is highly recommended as it would not only give you thicker lashes but would also be less time consuming. Furthermore, choosing a technician that is well-trained in volume sets is an important factor to consider when getting eyelash extensions professionally done.

Mega volume says are my personal favorite. This consist of 100% coverage and fuller fans on each individual natural lash using 0.03 diameter extensions.

In conclusion, mega volume sets offers unparalleled, stunning effects that you can't find in traditional fake lashes. It is a long-lasting and gentle technique that can give your eyes the definition they need to stand out, while still appearing natural. The benefits of mega volume go beyond just aesthetics - with this method, you give yourself confidence and provide your clients with a unique look that will keep them coming back for more. I highly recommend trying it for yourself to really experience the results for yourself!