Get the Best Results with Flat Eyelash Extensions – Tips from a Professional Lash Technician

It is evident that flat lashes offer a balance between dramatic flair and comfort - a true win-win! Whether looking for an everyday eye enhancement or for something a bit more glamorous, flat lashes are an excellent option. They are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear around the clock, but make sure to get them applied by a professional lash technician to ensure the best results. With proper maintenance, these extensions can last up to 2 months giving you natural looking volume that amplifies your eyes in a breathtaking way. If you're considering trying out flat lashes, it's definitely worth it!

The flat lash extensions are an excellent and safe choice for eyelash enhancement. They form a strong, secure bond with glue which lasts a long time without compromising your comfort. The 0.15 thickness of the flat lashes provides the same soft texture as 0.05 classic lashes, so you can feel great without worrying about how they look or feel. Overall—and with proper maintenance—flat lash extensions can provide reliable performance with improved durability and beauty over time. 

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With flat lashes, you can achieve a darker and thicker lash without the uncomfortable feeling or fear that you will damage your natural lashes. Its Y-split top enhances its softness and creates a luxurious semi-matte finish.


Super flat lashes satisfy clients as a more elegant, classical lash It is literally as light as a feather and guarantees maximum comfort when used. So, for clients experiencing lash extensions for the first time, super flat lashes would be a really great choice.

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